What We Offer

Safari Tour

Kenya is a dream destination for safaris. My specialty is the Maasai Mara, where I am born and raised. This gives my guests a keen insight into the rich culture as well as great game viewing year-round. Don’t forget, Mara is rated the best game viewing in Africa!

Photography Safari

This safari is built for iphone enthusiasts, hobbyist or professional photographers. Due to my Maasai connection to wildlife that can anticipate the animals next moves, and my in-the-field experience with light and timing, I can make sure you are where you need to be for those fantastic wildlife shots.

Personalized Itineraries

We can assist you on family-based, school-based, and group safaris, as well as arranging volunteer and research programs. We can assist in arranging volunteer and research programs. We have experience with professional documentary filming e.g. CBC “The Mommy’s Wildest”, and videography trips.


6-passenger 4x4 Landcrusier

This leather 6-seater 4WD vehicle is open-sided and has a triple-top sun roof that can be opened or closed. We have bean bags for camera rests and special modification to take advantage of low-angle photography and charging system onboard.

8-passenger 4x4 Landcruiser

This larger capacity vehicle has the ability to open all windows and pop-up top for great game viewing as well as closing it all for longer drives. It is equipped with A/C, charging stations, and beans bags for camera rests.


We can help you book all ground transfers and flights to and from different destinations within Kenya.