Meshack Sayialel is a talented self-taught wildlife photographer with a difference. With Maasai heritage, he has an innate sense of predicting animal’s behaviour which results in surprising and original images. Meshack has a cunning ability to be in just the right place at just the right time – a useful talent for a photographer. He is also a private safari guide delighting his clients with fabulous photography opportunities on all drives in the Kenyan bush.
Over a decade ago, Meshack has developed his photographic talents by using his smartphone rather than any high level camera. With support from clients, he now shoots with a 150-600 lens on a D7500 which has taken his photography to another level. He has exhibited at a gallery in Russia and delights in describing his experience of travelling on the underground train as riding a warthog! Meshack is passionate about all wildlife but specifically cheetahs and has a special affinity with a special lady called Fig – follow the joy and hardships of wildlife through the eyes of the Massai on facebook (@massaieye).
Meshack is now a freelance photographer and exhibits his work on his website: www.maasaieye.com.

Meshack's Story

My name is Meshack Empaps Sayialel, born in the Masai Mara in a place called Talek where I also attended school. I started working at Gamewatchers Porini Camps in 2008 and was with this great company until Decemeber 2018. I began my freelance guides services January 2019 with my own company named Maasai Eye.
Why guiding?: I am passionate about wildlife conservation, wildlife photography, and wildlife tourism. It has been part of my life growing up and it has become my livelihood. The beauty and magnificent scenery I get to experience everyday is a blessing and it makes me very happy.
Do the Maasai have a special closeness and understanding of the African wildlife?: Yes they do! Growing up we grazed our cattle freely inside the park. We got to interact with wildlife knowing the safe routes to use, understand which animal left the markings and also the sounds made by each specific animal. This made our co-existence with wild animals possible and normal. Plans/dreams for the future: To play a big part in wildlife conservation so that the future generations can get to enjoy the benefits from wildlife and tourism like I have. I also love photography and I plan to venture further into wildlife photography.

What Our Clients Say

“Meahack was our guide when we came to Maasai Mara and I was amazed by his knowledge and how close he approached the lions but still made us feel very safe during our game drives.He took us to have breakfast next to the hippos and sundowner at the hyenas nest but the most amazing experience was when he drove up and stopped next to a leopard and I still remember that moment like it was yesterday.
3 days with him and we got hundreds of memories.He really wants to catch the moments and knows how to get the best photos. Because of his knowledge about the animals he knows what they are going to do and therefore he is the perfect guide and photography instructor.
Book your safari now! 🙂
Martina Nylund

“Empaps guided us in June/July 2018 at Porini Lion Camp. We cannot gush enough about him. He is from this area. Cheetahs are his passion. Empaps has an incredible knowledge of not only the terrain, but also the animals and their behavior. He knows the cats and he anticipates their next move. On top of being an excellent guide and driver, he is also a fantastic photographer. His ability to position you in the perfect spot for the best picture is spot on. He made our trip unforgettable. We will definitely be back!”
Debra and Tony Thune  
Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

”I have been to the Maasai Mara twice, 1st time was in July of 2015 and the second was October 2017. During both of those trips, I had the privilege and pleasure of spending time with Empaps (Meshack) Sayialel, while he provided his services as a guide.
I found him to be a very proficient guide, and also a great friend to all. He has an incredible wealth of knowledge with respect to the Mara, it's animals, it's birds, it's people and it's history, which he imparts to his clients with ease His understanding of the environment and the habits of the wildlife meant we were seldom disappointed when seeking out not just animals but even specific ones that we came to learn by name. He has also developed a great passion for photography, which he shares via the internet, keeping us feeling like we are almost there with him constantly.
I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone who needs an excellent guide to show them the wonder and the majesty of the Mara.” Thank you Rafiki.
John Barrowclough
British Columbia, Canada

My wife and I had the opportunity to take a dream vacation to the Masai Mara , our guide Meshak was awesome , I would highly recommend him , his knowledge of the animals and his spotting abilities are amazing , I can’t wait to go back.
Bob and Amor Spiers
California USA